Job ad: Postdoctoral Researcher in UAM

The Computational Astrophysics & Cosmology Group of the Theoretical Physics Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid offers one postdoctoral researcher position. The purpose of this position is to carry out original research in the field of computational astrophysics \& cosmology. Review of applications will start on **December 1st , 2022**. Talk to me ( or Alexander Knebe ( for details.

Recent Research Highlights

  • Predict galaxy cluster mass with ML
  • With a trained machine learning (ML) model, we, **for the first time**, made predictions on the cluster masses observed by Planck satellite. This work is published in the recent Nature Astronomy Journal (her is the link ). This work inspires future ML techniques in solving astronomy problems, not only in data analysis, model calibration, but also possibly in solving these fundamental questions. More information can be found in these blogs and websites: UE news , notiweb , and also here .
  • The colour bimodality in SIMBA simulation
  • We show in our recent Nature Astronomy paper that the SIMBA simuation reproduced the observed colour bimodality well and further revealed its intrisic origination -- the halo assembly bias together with SIMBA's unique baryon models. General interests can be found in this news and in my blog .